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Development Project Design & Services Ltd.

Anti-Corruption Policy

DPDS , its management and staff, as well as its business partners and independent consultants, agree to conform to the anti-corruption principles outlined below. As part of its commitment to winning business the right way, DPDS is fully committed to:

  • Not tolerate bribery in any form;
  • Comply with all applicable international laws, treaties, and regulations that forbid bribery, including international laws where it conducts business and the Bangladesh Anti Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Follow anti-corruption laws wherever it does business, regardless of local custom;
  • Never offer, attempt to offer, authorize, or promise any sort of bribe or kickback for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business or for an improper advantage; and
  • Never solicit or accept a bribe or kickback.

Further, DPDS agrees to conduct all duties related to the consulting requirements of the above in a manner that does not undermine DPDS’s ability to adhere to its Business Ethics Policy.