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Consultancy Services for Preparation of M&E Guideline on ICT and Related Field (2nd Revised)

November, 2018 – March, 2019

IMED, Ministry of Planning

Development Fund GOB


Description of Project: Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) is the apex body of the Government of Bangladesh to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the public sector development projects included in the Annual Development program (ADP). The prime function of the IMED is to monitor and evaluate the implementation of development projects in order to enable the Ministries and Executive Agencies to ensure their proper implementation. Through monitoring and evaluation, it points out to the project implementing ministries and other appropriate authorities the progress of implementation and problems encountered, if any, in the field relating to the quality, time, cost etc. for taking remedial measures. For timely and proper management of these activates along with the main functions a comprehensive strengthening program has been gravely felt for long time. Therefore, IMED has undertaken the development project entitled “Strengthening M&E Capabilities of IMED (SMECI).

Description of actual services provided by DPDS in the assignment:

DPDS successfully implemented the above assignment with good reputation. The specific services provided by our staff were to: (i) Prepare a study design to carry out interviews of the stakeholders to know the actual requirement of ICT and related Field connected projects for preparation of the guideline; (ii) Identify weaknesses and limitations in the monitoring evaluation process of the related project; (iii) Identify key areas of project development activities and also identify/selection smart indicators for effectively monitoring and evaluation ; (iv) Identify the components of different development projects and describe the parts of each component for effective monitoring and evaluation;’ (v) Study monitoring and evaluation reports, in-depth study reports & other related reports of the projects of the concerned sector and Identify monitoring and evaluation weaknesses etc. (vi) Study other relevant documents and M&E procedure of ICT and Related Field Project/Program of the country and other country that can be helpful in carryout the assignment; (vii) Deliver comprehensive M&E guideline & M&E templates for ICT & Related field and (viii) other related works assigned by the client.