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Consultancy Services for the Transformation of TVET Institution of TVET Institutions to be Model TVET Institutions (MTIs) and Centres for Skills Excellence (CSEs) under Skills-21 Project.ILO Purchase Order No. 40277708/0:

September, 2019 – May, 2023

International Labour Organization (ILO)

European Union (EU)


Description of Project:

The EU-funded ILO – implemented Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Reform Project successfully implemented the reforms in the formal TVET system and set the foundation for the nascent National Skills Development System (NSDS) in Bangladesh. However, to successfully address the needs of the country’s growing workforce, the system needs strengthening, promotion, adoption/adaption, and replication by stakeholders. ILO’s Skills 21 project – Empowering Citizens for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth project seeks to increase productivity and employment opportunities through an environmentally conscious, inclusive, demand-driven, and interlinked skills development system responding to the needs of the labour market.

Description of actual services provided by DPDS in the assignment:

DPDS Support implementation of Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) for the transformation of the TVET institutions to MTs/CSEs considering dual training system, gender equality, social inclusivity addressing environmental sustainability, implementing green standards and developing green jobs curricula. The scope of works is to Development of Quality Improvement plan (QIP) for 7-TVET institutions,Organizing meetings and workshops to validate QIPs; Support to the institutions to implement QIPS. Support the institutions to obtain MTI and CSE status. Guiding the institutions to analysis and implement the QIP.  Assisting the institutions to conduct and prepare for self and external assessment for course accreditation and to become an RTO; Support the implementation for training programs in terms of Registration of institutions (RTO), accreditation of programs to be offered, and accreditation of assessment centers. Submission of records of duly installed training tools and equipment with stickers supported by the project to the TVET institutions based on qualification packages. Preparation of a training plan and schedule for the delivery of training based on selected occupations. Selection, enrolment and orientation processes of trainees. Assist to TVET institutes for partnership with industries for dual training system (DTS) delivery; 1.4.6 Follow up implementation of 3-5 training programs in the institutions and partner industries. Assist the institutions in ensuring that post training activities such as assessment of trainees, evaluation of training, job placement, etc. are conducted and requirements are met. Provide support in the assessment and certification of trainees and workers. Guide the assessment center in preparing and managing assessment activities. Follow up regular assessment and/of re-assessment of trainees. Guide the assessment center in the conduct of RPL to workers. Support the TVET and Teachers training institutes in the capacity building of Institution Management Advisory Boards (IMABs) and engage them in MTI and CSE status. Prepare a report aside from the specific deliverables as specified in the scope of work, finalize and submit in the required hard and soft copies.