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Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) Consultancy Services for Emergency Multi-Section Rohingya Crisis Response Project (EMCRP), Package No. EMCRP/M&E/S2


Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)

March, 2020 – October, 2020 (Ongoing)

The World Bank

The mass fleeing of hundreds of thousands of Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMNs) risking their lives by sea or on foot, in order to avoid the death or persecution in the northern Rakhaine province of Myanmar (Burma) for neighboring Bangladesh since August 2017 has caused the advent of the World’s fastest refugee crisis. About 10.00 lac FDMNs have crossed the border from Myanmar to several camps across Cox’s Bazar District in Teknaf and Ukhia Upazilas, placing an immense strain on the existing infrastructure and on an already resource-constrained social service delivery system and the environment. The large influx of FDMNs population outnumbers the host community by about 2:1 in the affected upazilas, posing significant risks of exposure to natural disasters, road communication, crowding and congestion in hat-bazar, social service delivery system etc. In the above backdrop, Emergency Multi-Sector Rohingya Crisis Response Project (EMCRP) aided by World Bank with the objective to provide greater protection for the FDMNs in times of natural disaster and improve social service delivery system by way improving communication network, social resilience and other facilities to the FDMNs has been undertaken.

Cumulative Impact Assessment will follow the following six step process described in IFC’s Good Practice Handbook, “Cumulative Impact Assessment and Management Guidance for the Private Sector in Emerging Markets”. The six steps considering the VECs, spatial and temporal Boundaries, Other activities and environmental drivers, Establish information on baseline status of VECs, Assess cumulative impacts on VECs, Assess significance of predicted cumulative impacts and Management of cumulative impacts – design and implementation.

Description of actual services provided by DPDS in the assignment:

DPDS is providing services to assist following activities: Review the existing legal, institutional and governance framework, policy and plan for DRP related development in the Cox’s Bazaar to gain a complete understanding of the regulatory context;

  • Prepare Stakeholder Engagement/Consultations Plan;
  • Scoping Phase-1 – VECs, Spatial and Temporal Boundaries (Step-1)
  • Scoping Phase II – Other Activities and Environmental Drivers (Step-2)
  • Establish Information on Baseline Status of VECs (Step-3)
  • Assess Cumulative Impacts on VECs (Step-4)
  • Assess Significance of Anticipated Cumulative Impacts (Step-5)
  • Management of Cumulative Impacts – Design and Recommendation (Step-6)
  • Design Framework for Cox’s Bazar Cumulative Impact Co-management Platform
  • Prepare Capacity Building Plan
  • DPDS also conducted preparation and submission of Inception Report, Draft Cumulative Impact Assessment Report, Final Cumulative Impact Assessment Report, Capacity Building Workshop Report, Framework for Cox’s Bazar Cumulative Impact Co-Management Platform, Summarizing Report of each Stakeholder Consultation, Workshop on outcome of Stakeholders Meeting and Dissemination, Final stakeholder meetings and dissemination, etc.