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Evaluation of Community Based Work to Develop Child Protection Mechanisms (CDCPM)

May, 2010 - July, 2010

Ministry of Home Affairs, GOB

Government of Bangladesh GOB


Description of Project: Making aware of Children, adults and the duty bearers about their rights, duties and responsibilities, process and its consequences regarding among others, trafficking, children in contact and conflict with the law and available services for such children. Capacity and skill of parents and children have to be developed to protect children in the communities from violence, abuse, exploitation including trafficking. Local community leaders and administration and law enforcing agencies will be active to prevent and protect children from trafficking, violence, abuse, exploitations and in conflict/contact with law. Activate and strengthen the anti-trafficking and juvenile justice taskforce/committees at grass-root level. Information management system should be established for children at risk and monitor the situation of children in conflict with law, learning and documentation of good practices. Formed the Task Force for Rescue, Recovery, Repatriation and Integration and facilitation the Joint Plan of Action at different levels among relevant Ministries and NGOs. Established mechanism for diversion of children who come in conflict with law piloted at selected police stations.

Description of actual services provided by DPDS in the assignment:

Following major services were provided by the Consultants: a) Effectiveness of the project; b) The quality of implemented activities specially capacity building, sensitization to protect vulnerable children; c) Appropriateness of the Project activates, timeframe and human resources in relation to the needs and context/situation of Bangladesh; d) Explore and document the “Process Learning” from the implementation as long as results simultaneously which was considered to be a major aspect of the project; e) Ways to sustain the activities at community level and phasing out plan to be identified with special focus on capacity of the community and local administration and social services to carry on actions, monitor and report that enable to operate community based protection mechanisms based on the content and delivery of the project.