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Impact Evaluation of the Project “TotthoApa: Empowering Women through ICT towards Digital Bangladesh (2nd Revised)” Package No. SR-20

February, 2018 - June, 2018

IMED, Ministry of Planning

Development Fund GOB


Description of Project: The Government of Bangladesh recognizes that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can make an important development impact. Because ICT has the capabilities to overcome barriers of social, economic and geographical isolation, Also has increase access to information and education to enable poor people to participate in more of the decisions that affect their lives. ICT is seen as an indispensable tool in the fight against poverty as well as has potential to provide the nation with an unprecedented opportunity, ICT helps achieving vital development goals, such as poverty reduction, basic healthcare, and education far more effectively than it was thought humanly possible. Jatiyo Mohila Sangstha under the supervision of the Ministry of Women and Children affairs, has rolled out the project called “Tottho Apa: Empowering Women through ICT towards Digital Bangladesh”. ‘Tottho Apa’ Project is a timely initiative for the poor, less-advantaged and deprived women living in rural “Bangladesh. This project is leaving a remarkable contribution in solving the day-to-day problems of these grassroots women though taking ICT services at their doorsteps. It is, at the same time, enhancing their awareness of the effectiveness and potential of Information Technology. The main objectives of the evaluation are review the implementation status of the project in respect of:
(i) Provide and easy access to information to under-privileged women by using the means of Information Technology; (ii) Empowerment of women through creation employment opportunity with Information Technology and its management; (iii) Establishment of 13 information Centers for women in 13 Upazila; (iv) Sensitize and aware 200,000 women through 13 information centers; (v) Establishment of a web portal focusing on women and children, entrepreneurs, latest news, government rules and regulations, violence against women, etc; (vi) Establishment of a Central Women Call center exclusively for women and children related problems and suggestions.

Description of actual services provided by DPDS in the assignment:
DPDS provided expert services including staffs services to achieve the above project objectives. The services were included design of study, methodology work plan and preparation of study instruments, organization of training, data collection, data entry, analysis, report writing, workshop, meetings etc.