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Impact Evaluation Study of the Completed Project “Modernization of Saidpur Railway Workshop (1st Revised)

December, 2018 – April, 2019

IMED, Ministry of Planning

Development Fund GOB


Description of Project: With a view to modernize Saidpur Railway Workshop and after that to increase production capacity of carriage & wagons and to ensure availability of carriage in passenger train as per public demand, the project was proposed for approval. The original project was approved by ECNEC on 28/04/2019 with the assistance of Japan Debt Cancellation Fund (JDCF) & GoB. The implementation period was from March 2009 to June 2012.

Description of actual services provided by DPDS in the assignment:
Examined/evaluated information regarding the project, especially in terms of its background, objective, feasibility study, approval/revision, present state of affairs, fund source etc. Assessed the physical and financial progresses of the components of the project. Reviewed the targets and actual progress of the project against the approved APP (Annual Procurement Plan). Monitored whether implementation of any of the components had been delayed and identified the reasons responsible for the delay. Also examined whether the procurement process (invitation of tender, evaluation of tender, approval procedures, contract awards etc.) under the project done as per PPA-2006/PPR-2008. Reviewed/ examined all procurements/purchases or processes of procurement as per agreements keeping in line with BOQ/TOR. Reviewed problems related to implementation of the project, especially availability of fund, goods and services, any delay in purchases or procurements etc. Recommended views/opinions regarding completion of the project and its sustainability. Analysed whether Government rules of other departments had been properly maintained (Bangladesh railway Works and way manual, Railway Code, BIWTA, Department of Environment, Planning discipline etc). Assessed the Saidpur Railway Workshop in a comparative study. Assessed the functionality of the workshop and its impact to the national economy. Justified the quality of procured goods, process of installation & functionality of the installed mechanical & electrical plants and machineries. Assessed the impact of project in relation with poverty reduction, socio-economic development and environment of the locality. Analysed SWOT and made specific recommendations based on the findings of the Evaluation study. Recasted necessary recommendations of Technical and Steering Committee after submitting each report. Collected Data related to equipment procured and report writing, workshop, meetings etc.