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Preparation of Master Plan for Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, BandarbanandKagrachariPourashavas under Upazila Towns Infrastructure Development Project

September, 2014 - August, 2016

Local Government Engineering Department (LGED)

Government of Bangladesh GOB


Description of Project: The objectives of Pourashava Master Plan is to: find out development issues and potential of the pourashavas and make a 20-year development vision for the pourashava and prepare a Master Plan in line with the vision for the development. Plan for the people of the town to develop and update provisions for better transport network, housing, infrastructures for roads, markets, bus terminals, sanitation, water supply, drainage, solid waste management, electricity, education, leisure and such other infrastructure facilities for meeting the social and community needs of the poor and the disadvantaged groups for better quality of life. Prepare a multi-sector short and long term investment plan through participatory process for better living standards by identifying area based priority-Drainage master plan, transportation and traffic management plan, other need specific plan as per requirement in accordance with the principle of sustainability. Provide guide line for development considering the opportunity and constrains of future development of Upazila Town.

Description of actual services provided by DPDS in the assignment:

The study area was based on existing condition, demand of the Pourashava and potential scope for future development. Carried out detailed Socio-Economic Demographic and Topographic Survey of the Pourashava area following approved format and also collect data from primary and secondary sources. Analyzed such data and information, found out possible area of intervention to forecast future population of each Pourashava (15-20 years), vis-a-vis assess their requirement for different services, physical and social infrastructure facilities, employment generation, housing, right of way and land requirement for the existing and proposed roads, drains, play grounds, recreation centers and other environmental and social infrastructure. Assessed the current land use with regard to road transportation, bus & truck stations, railway stations etc. and recommend actions to optimize this land use. Prepared a Road network Plan based on topographic and base Map prepared under the Project. Recommended road development standards which served as a guide for the long and short term implementation of road. Also suggested Traffic and Transportation Management Plan and also suggested a traffic enforcement measure to be taken. Prepared the Master Plan with all suitable intervention, supported by appropriate strategic policy, outline framework, institutional arrangement and possible source of fund for effective implementation of the plan.