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WB Loan 4507 BD (Phase-I): Monitoring and Evaluation Support Consultant for Emergency 2007 Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project (ECRRP) under Ministry of Planning

March, 2010 - June, 2014

Planning Commission Ministry of Planning

The World Bank


Description of Project:  The project is being implemented by the GOB over a period of 59 (fifty nine) month starting from August 2008. The primary implementing agencies would be: (i) Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) (Component A); (ii) the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) (Component B and Sub-component D3); (iii) The Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) (Component C and sub-component D2); (iv) The Disaster Management Bureau (DMB) (Sub-Component D1 and F2); and (v) Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit (PCMU) of the Ministry of Planning (MOP) – (Component F except sub-component F2). The GOB intends to hire services of a competent Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) consultancy firm to assist the Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit (PCMU) in monitoring and evaluating all aspect of the ECRRP (Comment E). The project implementation arrangements are described in Project Paper.

Description of actual services provided by DPDS in the assignment:

Prepared a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework for the ECRRP; Developed baselines for the key project indicators for tracking project inputs, outputs, outcomes, and operation risks; Implemented tracking key indicators (input, output and outcome) during project implementation; Carried out process monitoring and evaluation; Carried out monitoring and evaluation of governance risks of the project; Developed a user-friendly, interactive, web-based computerized Project Monitoring Information System (PMIS) for monitoring all ECRRP activities; Recommended appropriate corrective actions and recommendations; Supervised the implementation and compliance of the Environmental Management Framework (EMF) and Social/Resettlement Policy Framework;

DPDS involved in monitoring and supervision of polders and rural bridges, cyclone shelters and connecting roads. DPDS was responsible for preparation of M&E Framework to maintain the quality of construction work as well as preparation of environmental and social safe guard frame work for different component of the project. Prepared all relevant documents related environment and social development and safeguard management aspects with respect to project component of ECRRP. Carried out comprehensive environmental and social screening of all construction sub projects. Submitted quarterly monitoring report including construction progress, quality of works as well as social safeguard and environmental issues. There are 811 nos. of cyclone shelters, construction of 34.23 km polders and 191 nos. of water control structure including rural bridges constructed under this project and DPDS was involved in monitoring & supervision of above construction works.