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WB Loan-Network Coordinating Body of Reaching Out-of-School Children, Directorate of Primary Education (DPE)

September, 2006 - November, 2009

Directorate of Primary Education (DPE)

The World Bank


Description of Project: ROSC Project complements PEDPII by developing demand-side interventions to: (i) encourage out-of-school children to attend LCs; and (II) improve the quality of education in these centers. Providing support for children to enroll in good quality LCs has the potential to reduce significantly the number of out-of-school youth, and to ensure that they get quality education. The objectives of this assignment are to provide technical advisory services to ensure quality of education provided.

Description of actual services provided by DPDS in the assignment:

With the coordination of DPE, DPDS successfully completed the above assignment with good reputation. Under this contract DPDS provided technical advisory services to the Education Resources Providers (ERPs) and Education Services Providers (ESPs) in its function in assisting the Center Management Committees (CMCs) to run the Learning Centers (LCs) to ensure provision of quality education. Ensured the curriculum followed in LCs is in line with the NCTB and teacher training is in place-including identifying list of instructional materials that will be used in the class room. Conducted thematic workshops with ERPs, ESPs and LCs and document and disseminate best class room practices and approaches. Conducted biannual workshops for the ERPs. ESPs and CMCs to interact and discussed on education practices and approaches and act as facilitator for improving the services of ERPs provided to the LCs. Assisted with developing and implement instruments for assessment of student learning and achievements and producing annual reports to be shared with all stakeholders.